'During the implementation of the task the contractor has demonstrated experience and good work organisation. The work is done conscientously and carefully. The collaboration was very good. All indicated problems are solved immediately.'

MSc Leszek Popowski, Forest Division Rytel,

Forest Division Trzebciny certifies that the company Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski 87-400 Gplub – Dobrzyń, Białkowo 49 was the contractor of the project titled „Expansion and reconstruction of the utility building by the forester's lodge 'Zazdrość'”.
Construction work related to the implementation of this task was carried out in the period from 5 June 2012 to 30 November 2012.
During the execution of work, the company Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski demonstrated experience and good organization of work. Work within the deadline. Our cooperation went really well.
The company Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski can be recommended as reliable and solid.

Forester MSc Piotr Kasprzyk,

The branch board of PTTK im. Zygmunta Kwiatkowskiego in Golub – Dobrzyń, the host of Zamek Golubski regularly collaborates with the company 'Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski'.
The company always carries out its building and restoration tasks efficiently and flawlessly.
In 2009, Mr Wiesław Skrobiszewski did all the woodwork in the Renaissance room from the sixteenth century.
Our branch of PTTK " still intends to continue its cooperation with the company 'Warsztat Stolarski Wiesław Skrobiszewski'

Piotr Kwiatkowski, Branch Chairman of PTTK,

During the execution of works, the company has demonstrated a professional and proper preparation in the terms of human resources and hardware ensuring completion of the investment of this nature and scope. The works were executed in a comprehensive and professional way.

Wojciech Świątkowski, Owner of MURABET,

In the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, the company 'Warsztat Stolarski Witold Skrobiszewski' made, for SAP-PROPERTY Sp. z o.o., self – supporting wooden stairs installed in the maisonettes in the building 'Dwór Marcelin' at Marcelińska 62, Poznań.
Starting from the first stages of the design, the company showed high levels of innovation and diversity in terms of the technical feasibility of the whole stairs. The assembly work went very smoothly and stairs put into service were made without any reservation. After more than two years of their use, we have not noticed any irregularities.
Therefore, with full responsibility, we can recommend the company Warsztat Stolarski Witold Skrobiszewski as a model producer of stairs.

Managing director MSc Roman Czarnecki.,

Finalist - Modernization of the year 2010 for the 'Adaptation of the Saws Hall to Historical and Educational Chamber Skrwilno' for 'Warsztat Stolarski Witold Skrobiszewski, Białkowo'


Competition's Commissioner - Roman Pikuła,