Payment and general information about assembly


A comprehensive offer containing the total gross price including 8% VAT is submitted after the measurement. If you decide on our offer an advance payment in the amount of 1.500 złoty (standard stairs) or 30% ( for carpet stairs, bent stairs, unusual stairs – the amount given by the contractor) is required.
With houses over 300m² and flats above 150m² additional 15% of the total sum must be added as VAT in these cases is 23%.

The advance is refundable up to 5 days, after which is spent on the purchase of the materials and non-refundable.
After establishing the date of installation it is possible to move it (the new date established together with the contractor)

Final payment:

  • On installation of the stairs (cash or bank transfer – written confirmation of the transfer),
  • Up to 5 days after installation – transfer (after writing a statement in which the customer states their debt to the contractor)

Bank transfer details:

Title:  Manufacturing and stairs installation (..... state the type of wood.....).

PLN: PL 06 1020 5024 0000 1502 0150 5395
EUR: PL 46 1020 5024 0000 1402 0150 5403

Schody-Q E.W. Skrobiszewscy s. c.
Bialkowo 49d
87-400 Golub-Dobrzyn
NIP 503-008-13-71

Upon the receipt of the money an invoice is issued and sent by email.

The contractor does not take responsibility for the differences in the shades of wood (wide and narrow graining) and for the compliance in wood colour and the colour of stains manufacturer samples.


Please mark all the wiring and piping in the walls where the stairs are installed or leave the diagrams or photos ( the electrician or plumber should have them). In case it is not possible, all the damage that occurs during the drilling is on the customer. Extra charge for any delays caused by damage removal applies.

During the assembly, the walls might receive minor scratches or damages for which we cannot assume any responsibility. We suggest the final painting of the staircase after the stairs have been assembled.

Stairs which are wrapped around from three sides by walls are 2,5cm narrower. It is due to their installation. The resultant gap is filled with planks or acryl.

It takes fourteen days for the varnish to harden fully – please use soft shoes and be careful when painting.

We measure the moisture levels of wood, walls, floors and air humidity during the assembly.

Skrobiszewski W.